Our Educators

Meet our J-JEP Staff and Educators!

Liron Lipinsky: J-JEP Director
Liron Lipinsky

Kate Kim: J-JEP Administrative Assistant

Manny Theiner: Kindergarten and Family Hebrew Alef
(picture not available)

Bryce Friedman: First Grade
bryce 2

Hannah Weintraub: First Grade
Hannah Weintraub

Leah Brown: Second Grade, Wednesday Midweek Hebrew

Kathy Lobelsohn: Third Grade, Family Hebrew Hey, and Tues/Wed/Thurs Midweek Hebrew

Dafna Bliss: Third Grade, Wednesday Midweek Hebrew

Dafna Picture

Chaim Steinberg: 4th and 7th Grade
Chaim Steinberg

Marissa Tait: 5th and 6th Grade
marissa 2

Karen Brean: Family Hebrew Bet
(picture not available)

Molly May: Family Hebrew Gimel and Music
Molly May

Yael Eads: Family Hebrew Dalet


Jennifer Ferris Glick: Torah and Alef-Bet Yoga
Jennifer Ferris Glick

Nina Greenberg: Art and Cooking

Carol Beth Yoffee: Tues/Thurs Midweek Hebrew
Carol Beth Yoffee

Sigalit Assouline: Tues/Thurs Midweek Hebrew
Sigal Assouline

Mor Lavi: Tues/Thurs Midweek Hebrew
(picture not available)

Dalia: Tues/Thurs Midweek Hebrew
(picture not available)

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