Checking in with…. Morah Leah’s 2nd Grade Class!

March 19, 2017

Today we began learning about Passover. We had a very nice discussion about Passover and talked about what our favorite family traditions, foods and rituals are surrounding the upcoming Holiday.  We will be focusing on Passover over the next few weeks. We will be learning the Mah Nishtana so your child can recite it at the Seder, along with the learning about the steps of the Seder and of course reviewing the story of Egypt and Moses.

In D’vash, we learned letter “Zayin”. the story for Zayin is Zayin, Zebra, Z…. the children practiced writing Zayin as well.

We enjoyed a beautiful Tefillah with Rabbi Henry and with Morah Molly.

We also enjoyed a really nice Art session with Morah Nina. She taught us about Marc Shegall, a Jewish artist who liked to paint with a lot of color. He often painted dream like paintings, with things floating and the children enjoyed painting floating pictures.

Have a wonderful week!
Morah Leah Brown

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