1st Grade with Morah Bryce

October 9, 2016


First Grade Families,

Shana Tova! It was wonderful to be back together this Sunday after time off for the Rosh Hashanah and the Great Race. This week we wrapped up our discussion on Rosh Hashanah and talked about Yom Kippur and t’shuvah/tashlich. The children shared how they celebrated Rosh Hashanah at home, as well as where they went to services. We went around in a circle and shared something we were sorry for or someone we wanted to apologize to before Wednesday, and each child gave a very thoughtful answer.

In DVASH (our Hebrew learning curriculum) we learned the letters Aleph and Ayin, and reviewed Tav, Shin, Bet, and the Ah Vowel family. We are very close to filling our first DVASH jar and earning a prize, so be on the lookout for an email detailing our special Sunday in the next few weeks. The votes look like our first prize will likely be a pajama day!

Our special this week was cooking with Morah Julie, and we made yummy challah! I hope you all got a chance to taste a piece that your child brought home. Everyone did an awesome job to help get the recipe just right, and I have a feeling they’d love to try it again with you at home.

Check out the attached recipe!

Next week we will continue our Chagim (Holidays) unit with a lesson on Sukkot and a “sukkah” building competition. As always, please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or concerns. I look forward to another great Sunday next week!


Morah Bryce

September 6, 2016

Hello Parents and Families!

My name is Morah Bryce and I will be your child’s religious school teacher this year. This is my third year teaching First Grade with JJEP and I can’t wait to begin another wonderful school year here with all of you. During the week I lead the Older Toddler classroom at Beth Shalom Early Learning Center. My background is in Applied Developmental Psychology and Early Childhood Education. I enjoy incorporating the interests of the students into classroom activities to make their learning more fun and help concepts be more relatable.!

For our first Sunday together, please feel free to walk your children down to our classroom by 9:30. If transitions are tough you are welcome to stay with us for part or all of the first day. Community Tfillah (K-7) is at 10:30, with special guest Dan Nichols. Parents are always welcome to join us for T’fillah! In other fun news, check out the JJEP email or contact Kate for information about the once-a-month parent elective.!

You can contact me at MorahBryce@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns. I am so excited to get to know your families and continue to foster a strong community within the classroom and the school. Be on the lookout for additional email updates as we begin a new year together and don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s anything you’d like to discuss.


Morah Bryce

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