5th Grade with Morah Marissa

September 11, 2016

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

We had a wonderful first day learning about Nevi’im (The Book of the Prophets) and a spectacular T’fillah with Dan Nichlos!

Today’s lesson was an introduction to the Jewish prophets. Some students thought that to be a prophet one would have to be; someone special, a teacher of life lessons, important, kind, does mitzvahs, have something to offer, and a good person.

Next week we will be working on Badgequest. Please have your child bring in their username and password for youtopia.com to class next week. If you don’t have this information please contact Kate Kim at kim@rodefshalom.org.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me. I love hearing from parents!


Morah Marissa

September 6, 2016

Dear 5th Grade Students and Families,

It’s a new school year and I’m thrilled to be teaching the 5th grade class! As always, you can expect to have a lot of fun, complete interesting projects and exciting activities.

I welcome questions or comments, and am looking forward to a great year!

See you soon,

Morah Marissa

Special Events or Reminders:

  • Community Tfillah is every Sunday at 10:30
  • Dan Nicholas will be joining us for Tfillah on September 11th
  • Parent Electives – Grow your Judaism through Chai Mitzvah
  • Join Rabbi Bisno, Rabbi Adelson and others for a unique experiential Jewish journey that blends monthly group study with personal choices of Jewish engagement, called the “Jewish Bucket List.”
    To sign up or for more information:
    Email Kate (kate@jjep.org) or call 412-621-6566 x111
    $18 covers the cost of materials

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