2nd Grade with Morah Leah

February 26, 2017

Dear Parents,

Once again, we had a funtastic Sunday at JJEP!

Today we began learning about Purim! It is only two weeks away! We focused today on the customs that we do for Purim and the Mitzvot, such as giving to the poor, eating a Purim feast, listening to the Megillah, also known as the Scroll of Esther and dressing up and handing out food gifts.

The students were given a pop quiz in the beginning of the class on what they know about Purim. At the end of class, they got the same quiz to see how much they learned! It was really great that every student had improved tremendously from the first quiz to the last.

Nothing is a coincidence, but coincidentally, our D’vash letter for today was “Pey” The story for “Pey” is “Pey, Purim, P!!” The children learned how to say “eat” for a girl and a boy. For a boy, we say “ochel” and for a girl, we say “ochelet.”

After an awesome Tefillah (prayer) session, the children were able to paint their “empty bowls” that they created two weeks ago for the “Empty Bowl Inititavie” which is a charity for feeding the hungry. Enjoy the pics of them painting their bowls.

At the end of our day, we concluded with a very interesting point that we learned about the story of the Megillah, the scroll of Esther. G-D is not mentioned even once in the entire Megillah story. We had an open discussion about this and the students each gave their own ideas of why they think G-D was left out. One cute response was “He’s in every other story, maybe he needed a break!” We talked about open miracles, such as the splitting of the Red Sea, or not so open miracles, miracles that look like they are part of Nature, such as anything like waking up in the morning, a flower growing, a child being born, etc. and we compared how sometimes G-D shows us open miracles such as the weak winning the strong in the Chanukah story or more hidden miracles, such as Esther being chosen by the King and saving the Jews from evil Haman’s plan. Ask your child about what they think about natural or hidden miracles, vs. more open miracles.

Next week, we are going to act out the story of Purim. Feel free to send in any costumes or props such as crowns, swords, etc. for next week.

Thanks and have a wonderful week!

Morah Leah Brown

February 19, 2017

Hi Parents,

Today we had a great day at JJEP! We completed our Torah Book on Exodus with the final story of the Golden Calf. We talked about the lesson we learn from this story, which is how to do Teshuva. Teshuva is a Hebrew word which means “Return” but refers to how to make ammends or ask for forgiveness when we have done something wrong. We reviewed all the Exodus stories by going through the workbook and filling in any missing pages a child who was absent may have had. The children also completed a Crossword of the entire story of Shemot and all did really well on the review. This comes at a perfect time, since we are approaching Passover and the story of Passover is the book of Exodus! It will be a great review when the children are asked about it at the Passover Seder! Of course, we will be learning about Purim first!

In Dvash, we learned 3 new letters and a new vowel. All three letters make the same sound….ch….try clearing your throat to get the real ch sound… the letters are “Chet, Chaf, and Chaf Sofit.” We learned the stories for them as well. Chet, Challah, Ch, Chaf, Bracha, Ch, and Chaf Sofit, Melech (king), ch…. We also learned the new story for the Oh family vowels. “Oh Family, Note, Oh”

We enjoyed singing Prayers together during Tefillah, and we ended the morning with a great Mosaic Art project which will be presented at the end of JJEP this year!

I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy this incredible weather!

See you next Week!

Morah Leah Brown

February 12, 2017

Hi Parents,

We had another fun and fantastic Sunday School experience today! We began by learning about Tu Bishvat, the New Year or Birthday of the trees. We did some Tu Bishvat activities in our special Jewish Holiday Treasure Trail book and the children were able to thank the trees for their service to the world! We also learned about the Carob tree. Ask the children what the lesson the carob tree can teach us!

In Dvash, we learned the letters Nun and Nun Sofit. The story for Nun is New York. The children were surprised that New York is a Hebrew and English word! The story for Final Nun was Ipparon, which means pencil.

We enjoyed singing with the entire school during Tefillah and created bowls out of clay for the Empty Bowl Initiative. Ask the children about the special Mitzvah they participated in!

Finally, we ended with a fun review playing Jewpardy!! The boys won the girls but it was really close!! We all had good fun and that is what counts!

See you next week!

Morah Leah Brown

February 5, 2017

Dear Parents,

What an amazing, fun-filled day we had today!

We learned about Mezuzot and the children got to decorate and take home their own Mezuzah!

We learned about Kippot, and the children decorated a Kippah to take home.

We looked at an Illustrated Torah in color with Rabbi Henry and found Torah stories we had learned about.

We learned about a Tallit and tried on and folded different Tallitot.

We learned about Tefillin with Rabbi Adelson and put on a pair, learning how to wrap it around our arm and head properly.

We had a beautiful Prayer Service!

See you next week!

Welcome Maya to our class! We are so happy to have you!!

Morah Leah

January 29, 2017

Hi Parents,

It has been a while since we communicated! It was wonderful being back at JJEP today after our vacations, and we got right to business with learning and review.

In D’vash, we learned letters Sin and Samech. The story for Sin is Sarah and the story for Samech is Salat.

While I was away, the students began an “All about Me” Board Book and today we completed the book. The students had a chance to share the favorite things about themselves with each other and me. Enjoy the book at home.

We also had Music with Morah Molly and learned some new songs about trees and seeds since Tu B’ Shvat (the birthday or New Year of the trees) is right around the corner.

The students enjoyed acting out being a seedling growing up into a tree.

I hope you have a wonderful week and I hope to see more students next week!

Next week is World Wide Tefillin Wrap! Tefillah services will be held at 11:30 and we encourage all parents to attend. If you have a pair of Tefillin, please bring them for services.

See you next week!

Morah Leah

December 11, 2016

Hi Parents!

Today we learned all about Chanukah! We learned the story of the Jews and Syrians and the Miracle of the oil lasting eight days in the Menorah. We learned how we light the Menorah and practiced lighting on a real and edible Menorah!

We also played Dreidel with chocolate coins and every child took one home!

We learned about special foods we eat on Chanukah such as fried donuts called sufganiyot and potato latkes.

We enjoyed singing Chanukah songs and prayers with Morah Mollie and learned the letter Hay in D’vash.

Next week is Latkapalooza at Beth Shalom! I hope to see you all there! Have a great week and a Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year!

Regular classes will resume on Sunday, January 8th, 2017!!

Enjoy the pics,

Morah Leah

November 6, 2016

Dear JJEP Parents,

Another great week has gone by! This week, we reviewed some Bible stories by acting them out in a play. We acted out the story of Adam and Eve, the story of Noah and the story of Jacob and Esau and how Jacob became the Father of the Jewish Nation, Israel.

We couldn’t have done it without the help of some rainbow Challah and animal crackers!

In Dvash, we learned letter “Gimmel” Who’s story is ” Gimmel, Gorilla, G.”

We also learned the vocabulary words for rain (Geshem), which we pray to God for and the word “and” which is “Ve” in Hebrew.

In addition, we learned how Gods imprint is in the world. We looked at awsome pictures depicting where we find Gods imprint in the world. After, the students used ink and their own fingerprints to show where we can see God. It was awesome!

During Tefillah (Prayer), we presented our Torah scroll that we created last week.

We even had time to learn about the Jewish artist Otto Freundlich and recreated some of his abstract art which we will display in the classroom.

Being that we filled our Dvash drops jar this week, the students chose their first reward, which is a pajama party! Please send your child in his or her pajamas next week to school.

Thanks for another great week!

Morah Leah Brown

October 30, 2016

Dear JJEP Parents,

Happy Sunday!

Today we learned the letters Mem, Mem Sofit and vowel family EE in Dvash. We learned the vocabulary words for grandma (Savta) and grandpa (Sabba).

Speaking of Sabba’s, we got to talk to Jesse’s Sabba today who came in and gave us some great advice! He said to always remember to sing! We made sure to do that today, so we had music with Morah Mollie! We even sang a song about our Mishpacha (family).

We began our Torah Unit today for Chai Curriculum. We reviewed Parshat Bereishit (Genesis) by recreating the world in 30 minutes! We also learned about the Torah having five books and introduced the Second Book, Exodus, Shemot, which we will be focusing on this year in Second Grade.

Have a happy week!

Morah Leah Brown

October 23, 2016

Hi Parents,

Hello and Chag Sameach! It’s always fun to have school on a Jewish Holiday. It is rare, but it really enables us to “live” the Torah that we learn in school every week!

We really packed a lot into a small amount of time this week, but it was fun for all!

We started the morning with Dvash, our Hebrew reading program and learned the letters “Aleph” and “Ayin”, both of which do not make any sound on their own, but only with a vowel under it. We learned the vocabulary words “Imma,” (Mom)”Abba,” (dad) and “Iparon” (pencil).

We continued with Aleph Bet Yoga, where the children turn their bodies into Aleph Bet poses. This is such a great kinesthetic way to learn!

We continued with our Tefillah and special Consecration Ceremony, where we welcomed new students into JJEP! Congratulations to Simon, Daniel, and Nuala, for joining our program!

We shook the Lulav and Etrog in the class with a Blessing.

We heard a Sammy Spider story about Simchat Torah and decorated our own Simchat Torah Flag to bring to Synagogue to dance with on Simchat Torah.

We made a Sukkah out of Graham Crackers and used Pretzel Sticks as Scach. We even had fruit to decorate with.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the pictures!


Morah Leah Brown

October 16, 2016

Hi Parents,

Today was special. We learned about Sukkot on Erev Sukkot! We traveled in our Holiday Treasure Trail and discovered all about the Holiday of Booths!

We enjoyed a Sukkah story during library with Morah Christine. Please make sure to bring back books that are taken out every few weeks.

We played Jewpardy! It was like Jeapardy but with Jewish content. We reviewed all we did thus far.

Next week we will have school on Sukkot. We will make a fun edible Sukkah and Simchat Torah flag and will spend some time in the sukkah with the Lulav and Etrog.

There will also be a Consecration Ceremony during Tefillah to welcome and celebrate all new students! Parents are encouraged to attend. It will be from 10:30-11:00.

Have a happy Sukkot!!

Library Time!

October 9, 2016

Dear Parents,

This has been another great week at JJEP! We welcomed two new students to our Second Grade Class! This week we enjoyed catching up on New Year activities, such as attending Services, eating apples dipped in honey, and hearing the Shofar being blown. We continued to learn in the Hebrew Reading Program D’vash and learned the letter “Yud”. The story for Yud is “Yud, Yad, Y”. We learned about Yom Kippur, and focused on Teshuva, the art of saying “I’m Sorry.” One of the things we focused on in class today is not just about asking for forgiveness, but also being able to forgive others. We had an interesting conversation about this, since some of the students had a difficult time with this concept. For example, one student asked “why should I forgive someone who breaks my arm?” It really made me think as a teacher, how important this is. I tried to explain to the students that we should forgive others as we want to be forgiven. We never know when we are going to have a bad day and may need to ask for forgiveness. This is a conversation that could be continued at home as well. Peace on earth is about forgiveness, even forgiving those that hurt us intentionally. We spoke about the Jews asking God for forgivness for the Sin of the Golden Calf, when Moses broke the tablets. The children enjoyed acting out this scene from the play I wrote about it. We spoke about Jonah and the Whale and how God wants to forgive those that do wrong.

Our highlight of the morning was baking Challah with Morah Julie. I am including the recipe for that as well as some pictures from the Challah Baking event. Enjoy!

Have a meaningful Yom Kippur,

Morah Leah Brown

Challah Recipe:


Making Challah!

Here are some extension activities for you to look at home.

September 18, 2016

Dear JJEP Second Grade Parents,

Welcome to another exciting year at our JJEP program! I am so excited for another fantastic year filled with learning Torah and Hebrew, art, games, Prayer and more!

I have been lucky enough to be the second grade teacher for the last 6 school years at JJEP! I have so many fun and exciting activities and lessons planned for your children.

If you would like to communicate during the school year, my email address is princessleah613@gmail.com

We began learning Dvash, our Hebrew Reading program, learning letters Tav and Shin and the Ah Family vowels.

We also learned all about the Jewish Calendar and the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana. The children enjoyed decorating New Year cards (Shana Tova cards).

School will resume on Oct 9th. There is also a special Tashlich program that day as well.

Leshana Tova Umetuka! Have a happy and sweet New Year!


Morah Leah Brown

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