Kindergarten with Moreh Manny

October 9, 2016

Dear Kindergarten Parents:

In our third week, we’ve been continuing to learn and have fun.

For our Torah story this week, we dealt with the serious topic of Cain and Abel. We talked about how jealousy is wrong and can lead to bad deeds, and how someone who does something wrong must take responsibility for their actions (re: Cain). We had some very good suggestions about that from the students. Also we talked about how it is always important to try to give your best effort (re: Abel). For our picture Torah, we drew Cain’s “smoke” going down with his offering of rotten vegetables, while Abel’s offering of his finest sheep went up to the heavens.

Visiting the library, some of us got to take out new books to read (if you have a book at home that’s due, please bring it in) and everyone created an apples and honey decoration that we’ll bring home next week (it took a bit long to dry).

During D’vash time, we learned our new Hebrew letter “gimel” as well as some vocabulary words in Hebrew that begin with the letter, such as “gorilah” (gorilla), “gag” (roof), “glidah” (ice cream) and “gamal” (camel), and added them to our Word Wall. Using the cassette tape, we sang the “gimel is for gag” song. We brought home a paper where we found as many gimels as possible in various pictured words.

We also saved some time to play a game where we recalled facts about our Torah story and the gimel words. Everybody had fun! If your child was not there, we hope to see you next week.

Have a good week,

-Manny T.

September 18, 2016

Dear Kindergarten Parents:

So far we have had an eventful and meaningful first two weeks of kindergarten sessions at J-JEP. It was great meeting all our new students and getting to know them through an introductory game and one-on-one interaction with the capable help of our Madrichah, Carly.

We’ve already started creating our individual Torah scrolls, learning about the stories of Creation and the Garden of Eden. We’ve begun our introduction to the Hebrew letters, starting with Alef and Bet, and including some vocabulary. We kicked off our Tzedakah Cards project by personalizing the method we use to keep track of that particular mitzvah. Additional activities that we enjoyed were our first trip to the library and all of its colorful books on Jewish topics, and our interpretation of the Hebrew letter shapes through Hebrew yoga. And we didn’t forget to have fun playing a game where every student was able to show what they had learned.

All in all, an excellent start – but we do want to remind you that there won’t be J-JEP for the next two weeks: 9/25 because of the Great Race (although you are invited to check out the J-JEP table at the Apples and Honey event), and 10/2 due to preparations for Rosh Hashanah.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone back at Rodef Shalom on Sunday 10/9. Have a happy and healthy New Year!

September 6, 2016

Dear Kindergarten Parents:

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to a great new year at J-JEP. Our kindergarten students will participate in a variety of formative Jewish learning experiences, from their introduction to the letters of the Hebrew Alef-Bet and the stories of our heritage, to holiday customs and practices and basic ethical principles of our faith. We will also have opportunities for enriching cultural experiences involving such special programs as Jewish music, food and dance. We can’t wait to get started and to share the results of our discoveries as we progress through the calendar. Please keep in touch with me if there are any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting all of our bright new students and to a wonderful upcoming year. See you on Sept. 11!


Manny Theiner

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